our families

Kenna's Family

Kenna is the eldest of 4 kids in a family of 6.  We are a little crazy.

From L to R : Josh, Kori (19), Kirsten (21), Kyle (16), Kenna

Kenna's Mom & Dad, Traci & Mark

We are close & we like it.
L to R : Josh, Kenna, Kyle, Traci, Kori, Mark, Kirsten, Ernie (Kirsten's Husband)

All the kiddos at Oceanside, CA.  Our favorite spot.  We go every summer.  Our favorite tradition.

Cold, cold river.  Dunns River Falls in Jamaica on our family cruise.
We love to travel.  We love vacations.

 We like to jump & we like Van Halen, so it works.

Josh's Family

Josh is the 4th of 6 children in a family of 8.

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