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Traci Pritchett Says...
kenna's mom

Josh & Kenna are wonderful individuals. I couldn't ask for a more perfect husband for my daughter, or son-in-law. These two are fun to watch together. You can tell they are really, 'connected.' They work hard for what they have and what they want. They are strong. Having had more than their fair share of trials, it has made them resilient and more unified as a 'team.' It is my firm belief they can make it through anything.

These two are full of humor and wit. They are always cracking me up. Along with their humor, they are fun to be around and also great 'Rock Band Rockers.'

Most importantly, Josh & Kenna are grounded. They know what is most important in life and they are faithfully pursuing those goals. Even though, at times, it's so incredibly hard. They are dependable and strong. They are going to love your baby unconditionally and bring him/her into a wonderful family with awesome grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins.

Lauren Soderberg Says...
friend of josh & kenna

When I look back at the years I have known Kenna, I can't exactly tell you the day or time we became friends. It was just this organic process that left us one day as an integral part of each other's lives. One day, she became this fixture of friendship and of loyalty in my life, and I can honestly say that my life is better with her in it. I was lucky enough to witness from afar the process of Josh sweeping Kenna off her feet and their subsequent marriage. I have seen all of the ups and the downs that they have been through since then.

Yet, in spite of all she has been through, Kenna would drop anything to come to my aid. (And she has, many a time.)

I can assure anyone who is reading this who doesn't know Kenna or Josh that they are amazing people who will be incredible parents. They care so much about others and are so unselfish, that any precious child would be blessed to call them mom and dad. I think their trials have strengthened them in ways that have matured them far beyond their years, and I can't wait until they day where they can hold a child, their child, in their arms.

Jen Nelson Says. . .
friend of josh & kenna

I have known Kenna for years and literally loved her from the moment I met her! She is warm and caring and thoughtful. Josh is a smart man for snatching her up when he did. He is so patient and loving and I cannot wait for them to have a child of their own to raise.

Kenna is always thinking of other people. She helped me through a couple of very rough times in my life with little notes, phone calls and a care package full of chocolate.

They are such a fun couple and are always doing things to strengthen their marriage and relationship. They are truly an eternal family in every sense of the word. I feel so blessed to have them in my life. I so look forward to watching their family grow through the miracle of adoption.

Janel Lyman Says...
friend of josh & kenna

Our journey to getting to know Josh and McKenna came through our kids. Our son, who is almost 4, came to be best buddies with Josh. He knew when Josh would come home each afternoon between classes and was always at his driveway to greet him and go hang out with him as he ate his lunch. Carter could often be found dragging Josh down the street to watch and cheer on the garbage man. I've lost Carter a time or two, only to find him up with Josh drinking juice boxes and playing with nerf guns, balls, or balloons. Many times I told Josh that if Carter was bugging him to send him home, or to just lock his door, as I'm sure Carter just walks right in. As often times as I've said that I've only been reassured that his is a loved presence and always welcome in their home just to hang out. I've seen Josh change from being scared to hold a baby, he'd hold my baby like a sack of flour, to following that same baby around as she's just learned to walk making sure she was staying safe. Letting that little girl crawl in his lap and eat the food off his plate (sorry Josh!) Both of my kids LOVE Josh and McKenna, they run to them when they see them come home. Carter always knows that McKenna will be there to give him chocolate, a cheese stick, or a juice. But most of all he knows he's got a friend who loves him and will listen to all his little stories! As Hanna grew she claimed Kenna as her own. She'd scream if Kenna picked up another baby, sit at her legs and just cry when she had another baby in her arms. That was her Kenna and she wasn't going to share her arms with any other baby! I find it kinda cute that she would love someone other that her mom that much, and seriously, she couldn't care less if I had another baby in my arms. How lucky we are to have such good friends that love our kids and love to have them around.

We've now gotten to be good friends with Josh and McKenna. They are some of the kindest people I know! Kenna has taught me so much about what to say when there are no words to say. She's taught me about being a friend who is there no matter what your day has been like. I truly am a better person for knowing them. They truly will be the best parents. I wish nothing more for them than to fulfill their dreams of being parents. And they'll be the best parents a child could ask for, fun, loving, caring, hard working. Able to provide a stable home with two people who love and respect each other as well as their kids.

Jamie Bates Says. . .

friend of josh & kenna

The first time I ever talked to Kenna I felt an instant connection to her as if we’d been friends for years. She isn’t afraid to open up about herself and her life and I’ve always appreciated her genuine honesty. This is one of the qualities that draws people to her. As I’ve gotten to know her, I’ve come to realize what a selfless person she is. She shows an enormous amount of concern for the people in her life even when she might be going through a difficult time herself. She is what I consider a true friend to be. She listens without judgment and gives advice when necessary. She consistently tries to uplift those around her. Kenna is one of those people who loves to love. And when she loves, she does with all her heart. I know how much being a mother means to her. I also know that not being able to experience the joy of nurturing a child is an ache she lives with day in and day out. Bringing a child into her and Josh’s life would make them two of the happiest people in the world. I can’t think of another couple that is more deserving of parenthood than these two loving people.

Rick & Doretta Shumway Say. . .
josh's mom & dad

Why do Joshua & McKenna make good parents? We believe that one of the first and foremost factors is that they have a great desire to have children. Plain and simple, McKenna wants to be a mother and Joshua wants to be a father. They have made a conscious choice; it is a yearning from within their souls. How else can we say it except they desire, they want to have a family that is more than the two of them.

They have had difficulties and experiences, including the loss of the only opportunity to have a baby, in their marriage that would probably overwhelm most young couples. However, because of their individual strength, commitment and love for each other they have been able to persevere through their challenges. This is not to say that all is perfect for them but it has spiritually strengthened them so they can meet the demands and vagaries of life.

Joshua was a good child, an outstanding young man and is now an exceptional adult. Strong words coming from 'unbiased' parents. We are sure that if you were to ask anybody that has know Joshua all his life, or any part of it, they would describe him in similar terms. He has excelled in all that he has determined to do.

We love McKenna. Joshua chose to marry this woman who has traits akin to his own. She is sharp, intelligent and has a quick wit about her but a tender nature that reveals itself especially when she is around children. And, you know, she is fun! To know this girl is to love her.

We wish you could see how well they interact with children. It is interesting to observe how children seem drawn to them. Sit them down with family or friends and the children, no matter their age, gravitate to them. Children recognize their goodness. We see them interacting well with their own children. This means not only playing and enjoying time with their children but also teaching with a hands on approach. Not a, 'let us tell you how to do it' approach but rather, 'let us teach you how to do it.'

They have a strong sense of responsibility Once they commit to something it is as good as done. This applies to family, education, church, employment and financial management. These are characteristics that they will teach their children not only in word but by example.

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